Wild Earth Bakery offers gluten free products

Wild Earth Bakery offers gluten free productsWild Earth Bakery and Cafe is proud to be offering daily fresh baked gluten free products. Our products include sandwich bread, quick breads, muffins, celebration cakes and sweets that are 100% gluten free. We care deeply about the health of our customers and have done everything possible to prevent cross-contamination. This includes ensuring that we always bake gluten-free first, perform full scrub downs of our kitchen between baking organic and baking gluten-free, storing our flours separately, using separate baking sheets, racks and pans, etc.

We are proud to have the advice and guidance of the Durham Celiac Association in all that we do. We are also pleased to offer overnight shipping of our healthy products using our online ordering system. Many of our baked goods are both gluten and lactose free, and we will ensure that these are clearly marked both online and in-store. Further, we take your health to heart. We only use organic cane sugar and other natural ingredients in everything that we do.

We would appreciate feedback in terms of our baked goods, as well as hearing about any products that you wish that we would carry. We would also appreciate a copy of any recipes that you have had success with. We are currently building a newsletter for the bakery and with your permission we would like to feature these recipes in the newsletter. Any recipes that are featured will be credited to the provider and the provider will receive a gift certificate that they can use towards future purchases.

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